Betsey’s Approach

"As a therapist grounded in optimism and positivity, I view our conversations through a relationship lens as a means to help you work through the current dissatisfactions with your life. I do so by focusing on leveraging your own core strengths, so you can take concrete actions that enable personal growth and gratitude, which results in inspiring spectacular, authentic relationships, and a fuller life."



Here's what people who work with Betsey say. Do you see yourself below?

"I'm motivated to make changes to help with my transition from school/college to independent adulthood. I thought it would be easier."

"My anxiety has taken over! Where do I even start?"

"I've got ADHD, or many in our family do, and we need help figuring out how to cope...and even thrive, with the challenges related to ADHD."

"I don't understand why I keep choosing partners who don't treat me well."

"We need family therapy!"

"As Parents we're struggling to understand a young child or young adult child. We can't solve these new challenges with the same old tools.""

"We would love pre-marital counseling. We want to start out on solid ground."

"My spouse/partner and I need new tools to solve new and/or repeating problems. I want to feel more safe, connected, and intimate."

"We just had a baby and it's hard! We need help being both good parents AND good partners."

"I'm shifting from working within the home to working outside the home. Big changes..."

"I'm adjusting to changes related to personal financial changes."

"We need help co-parenting our children post-divorce."

"My daughter/son needs help navigating peer relationships in her/his real life, complicated by the digital world!"